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Minh Khai Group Co., Ltd specializes in design consultancy and construction of workshops - factories. Our team of engineers, workers and professional consultants will help you complete the idea of building infrastructure and facilities for your business.


Package design and installation consulting services includes: Consultation of factory construction, installation of machinery and equipment for production, design and installation of production lines as required, construction of waste treatment systems, industrial emissions for enterprise.


Consultant on design & installation of closed production line system according to the requirements of each enterprise with different types of production lines. We are a pioneer with many years of experience and reputation in the field of construction and installation of production lines for enterprises.


Service of leveling and repairing construction items. With a team of workers, engineers and modern machinery, Minh Khai Group is confident in the implementation of projects of the scale, always ensuring the prestige and schedule of construction and quality work after the completion.


Possessing a system of workshops, warehouse ... We are ready to lease, or buy and sell, transfer all kinds of workshops, warehouses, parking, yards ... You can contact Minh Khai group by phone: 0908 42 41 68 for specific advice.


    About Minh Khai Group

    As a company operating in the fields of construction engineering with many years of experience and has done many mechanical engineering construction works, construction and installation for industrial projects and production of products in mechanical engineering: trusses, steel purlin, construction tools , .. We also actively operate in the field of Buying & Selling - Renting Workshop - Warehouse . Minh Khai Group is committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services in accordance with the policy of "Professional - Quality - Timely". We are looking forward to more opportunities to cooperate and serve the needs of customers at home and abroad.

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